Good Food

Good food like good people, good times they need to be treasured. Today I received a profound sense of epiphany (being dramatic here) having such good food placed before me. Who am I to deserve such goodness, again being dramatic.

There it was, full of life once becoming a sacrifice for our love for delicacy and to satisfy our taste buds.

Eating, unlike dancing you do not need a good partner to enjoy it but eating like dancing can taste better if you have good company.

And here I meant good sake. Dramatic.

There it was a moment ago, I was full of anticipation and my eyes shone brightly as I took each mouthful. It’s hard to hold on to such moments, it’s always slipping away, just like good times with great company, a good lover, a long awaited reunion with friends and of course with family.

Then it is gone.

I now have the ocean in me even as more of it ate me.

Thank you always for such pleasure to enjoy food here on earth while I am still alive.




The World Is

The world is so small but we have our differences.

The world is a big place too, some people you meet once and you will never see again.

The world is a strange place.

The world is, a miracle, a fantasy, a place where you live like you never die and then you die like you never lived.

The world is a place where I met you.

A place where I loved you.

A place where broken hearted people find hope.

A place where the hopeful get lost.

The World Is. The World is.

Another Sunrise, another Sunset with the Lord

Another sunrise with the Lord.

The light You bring each morning to my life

I take for granted it is just another day.

I say it’s the Sun but You gave it my life to see it.

Another sunrise I miss, the light has filled the day

I am getting busy, I am ready for work.

I never saw how it gently happens

Turning dawn into day, dark becoming blue

Bursting at last into white and then

A hot afternoon.

My day is filled with computer generated light

Staring into small fonts, calculations,

Database, electronic mails, notifications

And messages that wouldn’t stop asking me for

A solution.

I don’t have all the answers but I have the skills

To find them.

I am a rapid answering machine at work.

At the end of the day, the office is surrounded

By dusk light, workers knocking off returning home.

On my bike, I make my way home.

When will I ever see this nature, so beautiful

And calm, making no regards to whatever progress

I have made?

Away from the city but my heart is always a city person

I can’t give up being busy.

Today, this weekend You searched me

And meet me where I am.

You remind me that You are always there in my quietness.

Another sunset I will be with the Lord.

New found fears

I found a new fear of looking old in my wedding pictures and yet I postpone and waited. I tried and failed and now I am trying again. I went to a friend’s house recently and was admiring at all the pictures of travels with his wife and among them, his wedding photos. A sense of regret crept into me for missing his wedding and more so, a sense of anxiety and envy as I wished I had done so earlier. Getting married now means I am looking much older than my friend when he did so at 29. What the fuck was I doing at 29? I was still fulfilling my wander lust and marriage was a distant thought. They say if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. This is how I feel right now, waiting for failure. Yet, I do not feel so excited about marriage. It has become a numb thing for me and it seems to be just following a natural stage of life.